Green tea & health benefits

Green tea is one of the top fat burning food..
thanks to a metabolism-boosting compound known as EGCG. In one study, drinking four cups of green tea a day helped people shed more than six pounds in eight weeks!

Green tea and cancer prevention

According to the National Cancer Institute, the polyphenols in tea have been shown to decrease tumor growth in laboratory and animal studies and may protect against damage caused by ultraviolet UVB radiation.

In countries where green tea consumption is high, cancer rates tend to be lower, but it is impossible to know for sure whether it is the green tea that prevents cancer in these particular populations or other lifestyle factors.

Some studies have also shown the positive impacts of green tea on the following types of cancer:




colorectal (bowel)

esophageal (throat)





Researchers believe that it is the high level of polyphenols in tea that helps kill cancerous cells and stop them from growing. However, the exact mechanisms by which tea interacts with cancerous cells is unknown.

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Diet to reduce harmful effects of smog

Diet to reduce harmful effects of smog
A healthy diet is the best way to minimize the harmful effects of air pollution. Include some given fruits, vegetables and other food items in the diet to reduce harmful effects of smog.

  1. ‌Vitamin C in diet or taking it as a dietary supplement helps to build the immune system. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of allergies.
  2. ‌Broccoli in a diet is the best way to protect our body from air pollution. Broccoli in sprouts helps to excrete toxins associated with ozone air pollution.
  3. ‌Fruits such as oranges, strawberries, apples, and watermelons are the rich sources of vitamin C. while guavas, red bell peppers, kale, parsley, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, papayas, spinach, citrus fruits, green onion and more are the good in Vitamin C and help to reduce the harmful effects of smog.
  4. ‌Green tea, tulsi, ginger, and cinnamon are powerful herbal ingredients used to improve the health and reduce the toxins of air pollution.
  5. ‌Raw turmeric has curative properties which protect people from chronic bronchitis, allergy coughs, and colds.
  6. ‌Omega-3 fatty acids are the best source to reduce allergic reactions and soothe inflammation. Walnuts, and oils such as mustard, canola, and flax-seed are rich in Omega-3 rich.

After Breakfast


After Breakfast, Make Water Your Primary Drink:
At breakfast, go ahead and drink orange juice. But the rest of the day, focus on water instead of juice or soda. You probably know that sweetened drinks are ultra-high in calories. You may not know that despite the calories, sugary drinks don’t trigger a sense of fullness the way food does, according to several studies. So you just keep drinking and eating.